When Asking Questions Is Not Enough

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May 14, 2015
Is It Important To Be A Friend?
May 30, 2016

You have to shut up!  You know it’s true, but why is it so difficult to listen and not talk more than your future customers???

So why isn’t asking questions enough?

Most of the time the questions we ask are superficial and lack any depth that will reveal the true needs of your prospects.  You should never ask questions for the sake of asking questions!  You have to truly care and listen to your prospects.  By listening, the right questions will reveal themselves to you.  By doing this, your prospect will feel that you truly care and are being genuine with them.

Checkout the example Tiji gives you in this video oh how to drill down into a prospects answers to your questions.  Remember, it’s not about the questions.  It’s about you listening to their answers.

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