1Will this work for anyone?
Yes … this system will work for anyone who wants to increase sales and conversions using a no pressure approach.
2What is “unselling”?
UnSelling is a no pressure way of selling. While many sales systems use a high pressure approach, UnSelling is a question-based way to sell that is based more on a better-listening system of getting sales.
3Will this work for me if I see on the phone?
This system is designed for people who sell mainly via phone with warm leads. This is not a cold-calling system.
4Will this work for me if I don’t sell mainly by phone?
The system is designed mainly for people who sell on the phone. You can use it if you don’t sell on the phone, but it is not for cold-calling. Using scripts are part of the program, so you would have to adapt a little if you are not selling on the phone.
5What if I am used to high pressure tactics?
Then this community will most likely not be for you. This system and community is designed for people who want to get high sales conversions, get less refunds and a higher customer lifetime value by using a no pressure system.
6Who is this not an ideal system for?
It is not for those who like to use high pressure tactics, or those that do not believe in what they are selling. It uses an integrity-based approach, so if an ethical way of sales is not your cup of tea … then this is not for you.
7What if I am already successful in sales?
If you are successful in sales, that does not mean you cannot become more successful. Make sense? This system can take people from any level to another level. I have worked with many people who have have been successful and had plateau’d and taken then to levels of success they thought were out of their reach. :)
8What if I am used to high pressure sales?
There is hope for anyone. :) This is my belief, but you have to understand this system is not for people to pick and choose from. It is a holistic approach to sales and dealing with people. You must want to help people 1st and foremost. If this is you, and you are willing to change to a no pressure approach, without sacrificing income, then you may be an ideal candidate for our community.
9Where can I access more information about The UnSelling System™?
Check out more on The UnSelling System™ here: https://unsellingsystem.com/super-6