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The Get Clients. Not Leads.™ Client Conversion System

This is the moment that can change your business like you have never seen! If you are looking to double, triple or even 10x your sales while doing a service for your future customers then you should consider our community and tested & verified successful training …

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Congratulations On Your Strategy Call

We hope you have gotten some golden sales nuggets that will help you with your business.

Below is the main training program offered in The UnSelling System™. We have broken everything down so you can see how it will work to help you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Get Clients. Not Leads.™ Client Conversion System consists of 3 main parts.

UnSelling System

The 6 Video UnSelling Super 6 Training Membership Site

UnSelling System

The Deep Dive Audio

UnSelling System

The Power Packed Videos

If you’re here, you may have spoken to either me or one of my Team. Or … you may have been referred to this page by someone who cares about you deeply. Read this entire page, and think carefully about what you want to get out of your business. What you need for your business or sales position, to get you the conversions you need, should be found below.



This is not a done for you program. This is a unique training program that, if you implement as I teach, can double, triple or even 10x your sales.

It is that POWERFUL!

Many of our current clients and students have said how just being exposed to just a few of The UnSelling System™ strategies have changed their business more than they ever imagined!

There is nothing like integrity-based selling. You help others while making money hand over fist!

There are many sales gurus out there teaching all kinds of strategies (most of which are wrong) and it’s hard to know who to trust, what really works, and what’s right for you.

There’s a simple reason why the sales strategies I teach work. They put the future customer 1st. They know that they are put 1st and with the integrity-based way The UnSelling System™ is used, they know they will be heard and a solution will be provided that will be the answer to their prayers.

The sale is then made fairly easily.

The reason why most businesses and sales people struggle is simple. The future customer’s needs, wants and desires and not put first. They know this and do NOT buy when sold to them this way.

My philosophy is this…

Keep things simple. Put your future customers needs first. Listen to what they want. Give them want they want with your product/service. Close the sale!


The Get Clients. Not Leads.™ Client Conversion System is divided into 3 main parts that peel back the curtains of what I have done to create a multiple 7-figure business. These parts when put together are so powerful that upon implementation, expect your business to skyrocket through the roof! Here are those pieces and benefits for you!


(AKA what we will teach you, step by step.)

UnSelling System

The Core Pillar of The UnSelling System: The Super 6

I have taken what has worked for me for 30 years and broken them down into 6 modules which are the core pillars of The UnSelling System™. Each module is also broken down into bit size training modules of 5-6 minutes in length so you can get the main points that will help you … and then move to the next module.
UnSelling System

The Deep Dive Audios

One of the common concerns my students and clients always told me was that they wish they could listen to my teachings while they worked out or went for a walk, so I created The Deep Dive Audios. The 4 hours of audios, which also come with PDFs, were totally unscripted. World famous marketer, TJ Rohleder, who is also know as the $150,000,000 man, was the “asker” of the questions. TJ who has used phone teams in his business would not believe that anyone could make so much money without using high pressure, so he challenged me! The result is this amazing audio series that converts TJ into a believer. You do not want to miss getting access to The Deep Dive Audios!
UnSelling System

The Power Packed Videos

As I was hearing the questions from our Inner Circle members, I heard many subjects being brought up over and over which led me to creating what I called The Power Packed Videos. These videos are all about 5 minutes in length, but are packed which so much information … that it will blow your mind! I wanted to create a library that my students and clients can access quick answers when they were faced with a situation in real life. All the videos are derived from the 6 Core Pillars, The Super 6, of The UnSelling System™. Now the library is starting with 28 Power Packed Videos, and if you become a member now … I will continue adding to the library over time, and you will never have to pay an extra penny for the new videos. Here are the topics for the Power Packed Videos library now:
  • Preparing For Your Day Like A Winner!
  • How Thinking Like Your Future Customer Will Get You More Sales!
  • The Power Of Proper Goal Setting!
  • Transitioning To The Discovery Phase With UnSelling And How It Can Make You 2-3x More Money!
  • What You Should Not Do When Connecting With Your Future Customer In The Beginning Of Your Sales Process!
  • Should You Become A Friend With Your Future Customer?
  • The First 5 Minutes … And Why They Are So Crucial In Making Sales!
  • Why You Need To Start Expert Positioning To Skyrocket Your Sales!
  • Why Asking Questions Is Not Enough!
  • How Deep Should Your Questions Go In The Sales Process?
  • Why People Make Decisions During The Discovery Phase … and How You Can Use This Knowledge To Your Benefit!
  • Discovery Sequences And How To Use Them In Your Sales Process.
  • Transitioning To The Close/MBO When You Are UnSelling!
  • How To Separate Yourself From The Average Salespeople Out There!
  • How To Hit Pain Points And Provide Value To Close More Sales!
  • Future Pacing … Using NLP To Close Sales!
  • Presenting After Discovery And Why This Timing Is So Important To Get You More Sales!
  • The 100% Question … Getting Your Future To Say YES Every Time!
  • Why You Are Getting NO And How To Prevent It From Happening So Much!
  • Consistent Daily Contact … Why This Will Help You Get An Avalanche Of Sales!
  • More Future Pacing!
  • What is an MBO … And Why This Win/Win Scenario Helps You Get More Sales At The End Of Your Sales Presentation!
  • The Simple Close … Why Over Complicate Things When You Can Get More Sales Using This!
  • How To Overcome the “I Don’t Have Money” Objection!
  • How To Overcome the “I Want To Think About It” Objection!
  • Overcoming the “How Do I Know This Will Work” Objection!
  • Overcoming “It’s Too Expensive”!
  • How To Overcome “Can I Just Get This Later”!

Learn How To Properly Connect With Your Future Customer

What many people don’t realize is the POWER of the pre-sell. Many times this is where the sale is made. The preparation before your first chat, which includes your mindset and approach, and the first 5-10 minutes of the actual talk. I have perfected this over the thousands of sales calls that I have been a part of and I break it down in the very 1st module of The Super 6.

The Timely Presenting Phase

Many salespeople I have worked with have told me they flipped the Discovery & Presenting phases, and it is a costly mistake! You should never Present your offer for your product/service until your future customer is ready to hear about it. In Module 3, I cover exactly when you should present … and the specific question that MUST be asked before the transition takes place.

The Crucial Discovery Phase

This is where the SALE is made. Not at the end of your presentation! This is where many make the mistake. In the 2nd module of The Super 6 I spend the time to go over exactly how you DISCOVER the needs, wants and dreams of your future customer and how you can start on the value build needed to close the sale!

The Proper Way To Get An MBO/Close

If done properly following The UnSelling System™, this part will be the simplest. Getting the Mutually Beneficial Outcome … or the close as most people call it. This is the WIN/WIN situation that will turn your future customer into your customer/client and will make YOU more money than you’ve ever made! In module 5, I break down exactly how to get the sale at the end, by doing what is explained in modules 1-4 correctly!

The Way To "Avoid" Not Overcome Objections

Closing to the objection is what I was taught when I entered into the world of sales, especially high ticket sales! I was told, “Everyone gets objections! “ … that and “It’s a numbers game!” rang in my year as I was coming up in the world of sales. What if you hardly got an objection? How would that change your life? What would you do if you never got a NO? If you follow what is taught in modules 1-5 then this is what will happen, but in the rare chance you get an objection, you will learn in module 6 what you can do to still GET THE SALE!

Develop Your High Power Signature UnSelling Sales Presentation

When you follow what I teach, you will gain the skills to be an awesome “MBO-er” or closer! You can put it all together and create your own high power signature UnSelling presentation or script. And you will have The Deep Dive Audios and The Power Packed Videos to support you as well.

And if that wasn’t enough, I have included a few Bonuses that get you to the level of selling that you are seeking!